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24 trains on the Delhi-Ambala route were cancelled due to heavy rainfall

According to the Northern Railway on Monday, around 24 trains travelling on the Delhi-Ambala line had been cancelled as a result of bad weather in North India.

At this time, the Northern Railway is unable to precisely assess the financial loss. The amount of money lost will depend on how many customers had reservations on the cancelled trains and how much compensation they will be entitled to.

“Around 24 trains running on the Delhi-Ambala route have been cancelled following inclement weather in North India…It is not possible to give an estimate of monetary loss right now,” said Shobhan Chaudhari, General Manager, Northern Railway

Other forms of transportation, like flights and buses, have also been impacted by the bad weather in North India. A number of bus services have been halted.

North India is likely to experience bad weather for the foreseeable future. According to the Northern Railway, it will continue to monitor the situation and take the appropriate steps to protect passengers.

This news comes after severe rains hit numerous areas of the region on Sunday, causing Northern Railways to cancel about 17 trains and divert about 12 others. In a statement, a Northern Railways spokesperson said traffic has been suspended at four locations due to waterlogging. These include sections between Noganwan (Ambala)-New Morinda, between Nangal Dam and Anandpur Sahib and between Kiratpur Sahib and Bharatgarh.

The cancelled trains include Firozpur Cantt Express, Amritsar Super Fast Express, Chandigarh Intercity Express and Chandigarh to Amritsar Junction Express. Those which have been diverted include Mumbai Central to Amritsar Express, Amritsar Express, and Daulatpur Chowk Express.

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