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Indian Railways Achieves Impressive Freight Revenue of Rs 96,000 Crore in Current Fiscal Year

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail & Steel): Indian Railways has recorded significant achievements in freight transport and revenue generation for the period between April and October this year. According to an official statement released by the national transporter, a total of 887.25 metric tonnes (MT) of freight were successfully hauled during this period, marking a substantial increase of 31.61 MT when compared to the same duration last year.

The freight operations also contributed positively to the financial outlook of Indian Railways. The national transporter reported an impressive revenue of Rs 95,929.30 crore during the April to October period this year. In contrast, the revenue during the corresponding period in the previous year was Rs 92,345.27 crore, demonstrating a noteworthy improvement of approximately Rs 3,584.03 crore.

The month of October exhibited remarkable freight loading figures as well, with an originating freight loading of 129.03 MT achieved, in contrast to 118.95 MT during the same month in the preceding year. This represents a notable growth of approximately 8.47%, reflecting the increasing capacity and efficiency of Indian Railways in handling freight logistics.

In financial terms, the railway’s performance in October was equally commendable, with freight revenue amounting to Rs 14,231.05 crore. This surpassed the revenue earned in October of the previous year, which stood at Rs 13,353.81 crore, demonstrating an improvement of about 6.57%.

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