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JSW Steel to utilise green hydrogen for steel production in India

For its Vijayanagar steel facility, JSW Steel has teamed up with JSW Energy to secure a renewable hydrogen supply. A green hydrogen plant will be built by JSW Energy using 25 MW of renewable energy. In the upcoming 18 to 24 months, the project is anticipated to be operational.

“We will commence the use of green hydrogen in our DRI unit in Vijayanagar on a small scale to see the efficacy and usability,” said JSW Steel. “We will see how the trial goes and use that study to see how the hydrogen can be scaled up once the technology becomes more evolved and commercially viable.”

Green hydrogen is increasingly being explored as a potential clean energy source for various industries, including steel production. Steel production is traditionally energy-intensive and often relies on fossil fuels, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Green hydrogen offers a promising solution to reduce the environmental impact of steel manufacturing.

JSW Steel is run by JSW Group as its principal enterprise. By fiscal 2025, the company claims that ongoing growth plans in India will increase its overall capacity to 38.5 metric tonnes annually.

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