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Goods Train Derailment Near Kasara: Relief Operations Initiated as Two Coaches Off Track

MAHARASHTRA (Metro Rail & Steel): A disruption struck the railway network near Kasara railway station in Maharashtra as two coaches of a goods train derailed, according to reports from the Central Railways. The incident led to the halting of mail express traffic along the Kasara to Igatpuri downline and the middle line. 

The derailment impacted the movement of two key trains: the 12261 Mumbai CSMT-Howrah Express on the downline and the 11401 Mumbai CSMT-Adilabad Nandigram Express. However, operations between Igatpuri to Kasara upline remained unaffected despite the incident. 

Fortunately, Mumbai’s suburban train services continued their schedule without any disruption. Promptly responding to the situation, the Central Railways dispatched two accident relief trains from Kalyan and Igatpuri to the site to provide necessary assistance and support in resolving the issue. 

While awaiting further details regarding the incident, authorities are actively working towards swiftly restoring normal railway operations on the affected lines. Efforts are underway to address the situation efficiently and ensure minimal inconvenience to passengers. 

Passengers and commuters are advised to stay updated with official announcements and schedules as authorities work diligently to rectify the situation and resume regular train services on the affected routes. 

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