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Upgrading infrastructure in Vande Bharat Trains : Railways

New Delhi (Metro Rail & Steel): Considering the suggestions of the passengers who traveled in the Vande Bharat Express, the Railways has decided to make a total of 25 improvements keeping in mind the suggestion of travelers to make the journey more comfortable and accessible to the passengers. It will include some passenger-friendly features, and technical and safety-related enchantments as well.

The changes include an improved aerosol-based fire detection and suppression system inside the coaches, better seating, extended footrests and aesthetic colors in the executive chair car, improved accessibility to mobile charging points under seats, change in wash basin design in toilets along with improved lighting, improved grip, etc, said a press release on Wednesday.

Other changes being made are – provision of magazine bags for end seats, standardization of colors for toilet panels, provision of securing point for wheelchairs of disabled passengers, improved hammer box cover for easy access in case of emergency, borderless emergency talk-back unit to interact with the driver, hinged transparent door assembly for the fire extinguishers in coaches for better visibility, smooth-touch controls for luggage rack lights and so on.

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