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Union Minister of Steel unveils the new logo of NMDC

Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Union Minister of Steel and Civil Aviation, launched the new NMDC logo today in New Delhi. On this occasion, the Ministry of Steel’s Secretary and the NMDC’s CMD were both present along with other Ministry of Steel and NMDC representatives.

The Minister congratulated Team NMDC on their dynamic new logo and added that the unveiling of the logo is a seminal part of the journey of any organization, symbolizing its values and goals. “We have seen the NMDC’s evolution from its early days and its earlier logo symbolized the journey of India in the last 75 years, where India was growing with a focus on reducing its dependence and becoming self-reliant.”, the Minister mentioned while highlighting the significance of the old logo.

The Union Minister claimed that the NMDC’s new logo shows how India’s top iron ore producer is prepared for global mining in a green and sustainable environment. This logo conveys the duties of NMDC in fostering self-reliance in our industry, ensuring mineral security and responsibility, and mining in harmony with the environment and people.

“India’s position in the world has seen a transformation from a developing nation to a developed one due to herculean efforts of the Prime Minister of India. India’s position has also improved from being a follower to that of a leader”, the Minister added. He also highlighted that India is at an inflexion point where the nation as a whole is ready to take up not just the responsibilities of its citizens but also at the global level.

The minister praised NMDC’s accomplishments, noting that the company has already surpassed 40 MT of annual production and will produce at a record-breaking rate through July 2023.

Nagendra Nath Sinha, secretary of the Ministry of Steel, also praised NMDC on their innovative new logo, which represents their coexistence with nature. He also noted that the National Steel Policy, 2017, which aims to develop a self-sufficient sector that is technologically cutting edge, globally competitive, and supports inclusive growth, will be realised in large part thanks to NMDC.

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