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Tata Steel and Jindal Stainless contributed to Chandrayaan 3

The Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission, which landed on the Moon’s south pole on Wednesday, was successfully carried out in large part thanks to the contributions of Indian metals manufacturers Tata Steel and Jindal Stainless.

Tata Steel said its crane technology helped in assembling the Fat-LVM3-M4 rocket. An electric overhead travelling (EOT) crane made in Jamshedpur was provided by the company.

“The company’s cutting-edge crane technology played a crucial role in the seamless assembly of the launch vehicle used in the landmark lunar mission. Tata Steel supplied the remarkable electric overhead travelling (EOT) crane that was installed at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre,” Tata Steel said in the statement.

Jindal Stainless said its high-strength alloy steel for the motor casing contained heat-resistant materials that shielded the motor from shocks and high temperatures. This substance reportedly eliminated the requirement for imports and was created over the course of three years utilising cutting-edge refining techniques.

India made history on Wednesday by landing softly on the Moon’s south pole, joining the United States, China, and the erstwhile Soviet Union as the fourth and first countries to do so.

The success of Chandrayan-3 highlighted the reputation for thriftiness of the Indian space industry. The mission’s budget, which was set at about $74 million by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), was less than that of the most recent Hollywood blockbusters Oppenheimer and Barbie.

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