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RITES to prepare a detailed project report of Metro from Vatika Chowk to Pachgaon

Sanjeev Kaushal, chief secretary of Haryana and chairman of the Haryana Mass Rapid Transport Corporation (HMRTC), announced on Monday that the preparatory work for the proposed Metro extension from Ballabhgarh to Palwal, covering a distance of about 25 km, has started and that RITES (Rail India Technical and Economic Service) has been given the contract for the techno feasibility study.

He added that RITES has been tasked with creating the detailed project report (DPR) for the Vatika Chowk to Pachgaon Metro rail project.

The chief secretary described the 53rd meeting of the HMRTC board of directors, which took place on Monday in Chandigarh, as a significant step towards improving the country’s public transport system.

According to Kaushal, the Metro extension project is significant because it will serve as a test case for the Haryana government, which is firmly committed to completing the project as quickly as possible.

He added that a team from RITES and HMRTC had inspected the alignment from Ballabgarh to Palwal, and their findings had shown that the corridor would have a total length of about 25 kilometres and be home to 10 potential stations.

Kaushal informed the board members at the meeting that RITES had been chosen as the consultant for the extension of the Metro line from Vatika Chowk to Pachgaon and that it would be in charge of creating the DPR. Additionally, he stated that the corridor would be 30 km long.

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