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Plans Unveiled for 287 km Circular Rail Network on Bengaluru’s Outskirts

BENGALURU (Metro Rail & Steel): Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw revealed plans for an expansive 287-km circular railway network aimed at connecting Bengaluru with key towns in the vicinity. This ambitious project, touted as the country’s largest of its kind, is expected to revolutionize Bengaluru’s transportation landscape. The proposed circular railway network is designed to link various crucial areas, encompassing Nidvanda-Doddaballapur (40.9 km), Doddaballapur-Devanahalli (28.5 km), Devanahalli-Malur (46.5 km), Malur-Heelalige (52 km), Hejjala-Solur (43.5 km), Solur-Nidavanda (34.2 km), and Hejjala-Heelalige (42 km).

Addressing reporters following a railway project review meeting in Bengaluru, Vaishnaw highlighted the network’s significance, stating it’s meticulously crafted to cater to the city’s needs for the next 40-50 years. This comprehensive connectivity initiative spans seven railway paths, aiming to address Bengaluru’s burgeoning transportation demands. Emphasizing the project’s importance, Vaishnaw elucidated that alongside the ongoing Bengaluru Suburban Railway Project (BSRP), this circular railway forms a pivotal solution for the city’s transportation infrastructure.

The Railway Minister noted that an initial sum of ₹7 crore has already been allocated to initiate pre-feasibility studies and alignment assessments. Following these steps, detailed project reports (DPR) and spot surveys will be conducted to further the project’s development. Vaishnaw outlined the project’s execution plan, specifying that while the suburban railway project operates under a joint venture between the Union and the State, the Railway Ministry will spearhead the circular railway’s construction and the enhancement of all connections entering and departing from Bengaluru.

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