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Northern Railway notifies two mosques in Delhi in order to remove encroachments within 15 days

The Northern Railway administration has issued notices to two important mosques in Delhi, Bengali Market Mosque and Babar Shah Takiya Mosque, demanding that encroachments be removed within 15 days.

The railway authorities have issued a warning that they will take the appropriate steps to regain their land if the encroachments are not removed within the allotted term.

In the issued notice, the railway administration has stated that their land has been illegally encroached upon, and they are urging the concerned parties to voluntarily remove any unauthorized buildings, temples, mosques, or shrines constructed on their property. Failure to abide by the notice would result in the railway administration taking legal action to reclaim the encroached land in accordance with the Railway Act.

The notice also said that any losses incurred as a result of the process would be the responsibility of the parties who had encroached, absolving the railway administration of any responsibility.

The mosque committee contends that these places of worship retain considerable historical importance and have endured for centuries, in contrast to the railway authorities who claim that the structures were illegally constructed on their property.

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