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Mayor Declares State of Emergency in Metro Nashville After Three Confirmed Dead

NASHVILLE: A devastating tornado wreaked havoc in Nashville, leading to the tragic loss of three lives, as identified by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. The victims, 37-year-old Joseph Dalton, 31-year-old Floridema Gabriel Perez, and 2-year-old Anthony Elmer Mendez, lost their lives in Madison during the tornado on Saturday. Reports from MNPD detailed the heartbreaking circumstances of the fatalities. Joseph Dalton was inside his mobile home on Nesbitt Lane when the tornado struck, causing the home to roll onto the residence where Perez and Mendez were located. 

Additionally, Dalton’s 10-year-old son and Perez’s 7-year-old son, who were inside their respective homes, sustained injuries and were rushed to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, they are anticipated to recover from their injuries. The epicenter of destruction primarily occurred on Nesbitt Lane in the Madison area, where the tragic deaths occurred. Another severely impacted site was a church on Dickerson Pike, resulting in 13 survivors being transported to nearby hospitals. Thankfully, these patients are listed in stable condition and expected to recover. 

The catastrophic aftermath prompted Mayor Freddie O’Connell to declare a State of Emergency for Davidson County, enabling access to crucial state and federal resources for recovery efforts. The tornado’s impact led to the collapse of nearly two dozen structures across Metro Nashville. Simultaneously, emergency response teams, including the Nashville Emergency Operations Center/Office of Emergency Management (EOC/OEM) and Nashville Fire crews, are actively engaged in assessing the extensive damage caused by the tornado. 

In addition to the devastating toll in Nashville, Montgomery County also reported three deaths, including that of a child, following the severe storms and tornadoes that struck the region on Saturday. 

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