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Kochi Metro: Introduces student travel cards “Vidya-45”

Good news for students in Kochi, Kerala as they can save more on their daily commute from Kochi metro. The recent launch of a new travel pass by Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) called “Vidya-45” is an outstanding move towards the city’s kids’ bright future.

These cards are designed specifically with students in mind, offering them access to affordable and practical transport options. It’s great that Kochi Metro is doing something to boost education and make student commutes less stressful.

The lower ticket not only makes travelling cheaper, but it also guarantees that students may use their limited funds to pay for other necessary costs associated with their education.

A single journey would only cost about INR 10, as the Vidya-45 card could be purchased for INR 495. This card entitles students to 50 metro rides within 45 days in Kochi. They can take a ride to their destination from any Kochi metro station.

This travel pass can be obtained easily. The good news is that students can acquire the Vidya-45 transit pass from any Kochi metro station as long as they have a photocopy of their student identification card, which they must do in order to purchase the pass.

According to Metro MD Loknath Behera, who spoke at the opening event, this new Vidya-45 travel pass primarily targets students under the age of 25. But for those above 25 years of age, students can also get the benefit by showing the required documents from their coaching centres as mentioned above.

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