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JSW Steel to add renewable energy to power facilities and boost capacity in three years

According to chairman Sajjan Jindal, JSW Steel intends to virtually quadruple its capacity to 50 million tonnes over the following three years.

According to Jindal, the company with its headquarters in the city intends to switch to renewable energy sources to power its whole 50 million tonnes of manufacturing. Jindal made the announcement while addressing an event hosted by the Bombay Chartered Accountants Society late on Thursday night. He further stated that JSW Steel currently has a capacity of 28 million tonnes, which will increase to 37 million tonnes next year and to 50 million tonnes in three years.

He claimed that the business places a high value on sustainability and has developed a strategy to totally switch to renewable energy sources for its energy needs.

“At JSW Steel, we would likely be the first steel company in the world to have a 50 million tonnes capacity and run entirely on renewable energy, according to our current plan,” Jindal said.

In a shift from the normal system of dependence on fossil fuels like coal, Jindal stated that the company is already adding renewable power capacities as it moves forward with its planned capacity additions.

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