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Indian Railways working on Rs 1 trillion signal system

Almost a month after the Odisha train disaster, which lost 290 lives, the Indian Railways is working to make India’s rail network fully electronic over the next few years. The goal of making the entire train network electronic is reportedly a $1 trillion plan to prevent catastrophes like the rail tragedy in Balasore.

According to a report, the plan will use solid-state electronic route relay devices and signals to replace the current electro-mechanical system. The main aim of the mission mode programme will be to reduce human errors.

Notably, the decision to fully electronicize the rail network was made after the railway safety commissioner’s report determined that the three-train accident in Balasore, Odisha, was caused by signalling mistakes. In the horrific incident that occurred on June 2, 294 people died and nearly 1,000 more were injured.

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