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Indian Railways’ Record-Breaking Freight Loading in November Fueled by Coal Transport Success

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail & Steel): Indian Railways has showcased a remarkable surge in its freight operations, marking a substantial upswing in November 2023. The latest figures reveal a noteworthy increase in freight loading, notably driven by coal transport, contributing significantly to the railway’s success. The total freight loading for November 2023 reached an impressive 128.419 million tonnes (MT), marking a significant uptick of approximately 4.33% compared to November 2022’s 123.088 MT.

The period spanning April to November 2023 saw Indian Railways’ freight loading soar to a cumulative total of 1015.669 MT, surpassing the previous year’s loading of 978.724 MT during the same period, indicating an increase of around 36.945 MT. Coal emerged as the frontrunner in November’s freight loading, accounting for 65.48 MT. Additionally, other commodities contributing to this robust performance include Iron Ore (14.99 MT), Pig Iron and Finished Steel (5.25 MT), Cement excluding Clinker (5.58 MT), Clinker (4.61 MT), Foodgrains (3.82 MT), Fertilizers (5.97 MT), Mineral Oil (4.176 MT), Containers (6.91 MT), and Balance Other Goods (8.59 MT).

Notably, Indian Railways’ revenue showcased a robust growth trajectory, reaching Rs 1,10,007.5 crore from April to November 2023, a substantial increase of about Rs 4,102.445 crore compared to the corresponding period in the previous year, which stood at Rs 1,05,905.1 crore. This commendable achievement aligns with Indian Railways’ strategic initiative termed “Hungry For Cargo,” emphasizing the enhancement of ease in business operations and service delivery at competitive prices. The proactive engagement of Business Development Units and dynamic policy-making has been instrumental in driving this success, significantly contributing to the freight sector’s growth within the railways.

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