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Indian Railways launches new initiative to link satellite cities to connecting railway stations

Indian Railways has launched a new initiative to yield better planning of train journeys. The national transporter has established connections between satellite cities and nearby train hubs all around the nation. In addition, the national transporter used a creative strategy to connect well-known sites with station names. With this, commuters might quickly associate smaller stations with major neighbourhoods or cities.

This new initiative will begin on July 21, 2023 onwards. The change will improve the customised passenger experience when purchasing tickets on the IRCTC website and mobile application. This will provide ease of communication in case of a change in station due to operational reasons.

In the event that the national transporter modifies the scheduled stations for any operational or maintenance reasons, the journey planner will display alternative stations in the search. This task was formerly carried out manually.

725 railway stations are currently connected to 175 cities around the nation by the railways. The travel planner and electronic reservation slip of the ticket will both display this new feature. Of these, a few stations with the list of cities are given below:

  • Ahmedabad: Ambli Road, Asarva Junction, Chandkheda Road, Chandlodiya, Gandhigram, Gandhinagar Cap, Maninagar, Sardargram, Sarkhej, Vastrapur, and Sabarmati BG.
  • Banaras: Varanasi City, Varanasi Junction, Dilwa, Banaras, Raja Talab and Sarnath.
  • Lucknow: Alamnagar, Aishbagh, Bakshi Ka Talab, Badshahnagar, Daliganj, Lucknow City, Lucknow NE, Lucknow NR, Mohibullapur, Gomati Nagar and Manak Nagar.
  • Jharsuguda: Belpahar, Brajrajnagar, Brundamal, Jharsuguda Junction, Lapanga and Jharsuguda Road.
  • Sambalpur: Hirakud, Sambalpur, Sambalpur Road and Sambalpur City.
  • Bhubaneshwar: Bhubaneshwar, Bani Bihar, Barang, Lingaraj TMP Road and Mancheswar.
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