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Indian Railways increases safety investments with a 54% fund surge

In a resolute commitment to the safety and well-being of train passengers, Indian Railways has taken significant steps to prioritise safety measures and infrastructure development. Over the past five months, the railway network has allocated approximately 54% more funds than the previous year’s corresponding period.

Beyond emphasizing passenger safety, Indian Railways has channelled considerable resources into various infrastructure projects. These encompass the construction of new railway lines, the doubling of existing tracks, gauge conversion projects, and enhancements to passenger amenities. The Railway Ministry announced these developments, which unfolded between April 1 and August 31 of this year, underscoring the railway’s dedication to modernisation and safety enhancement.

The Ministry of Railways issued a press statement highlighting that Indian Railways has achieved a record-breaking 48% capital expenditure utilization in the first five months of the current financial year, ending in August 2023. This exceptional utilization of funds reflects the railway’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety and infrastructure development.

The statement from the Ministry of Railways emphasized the paramount importance of passenger safety within the railway network. Substantial investments have been made in safety-related initiatives to ensure that train travel remains secure and reliable. The capital expenditure utilization, which has reached approximately 54% compared to the corresponding period last year, reflects the railway’s ongoing efforts to enhance safety measures.

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