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Indian Railways announces special trains for the Shravani Mela that would run until August

The Shravani Mela begins on July 4 with the beginning of the Shravan month (July to August), and Indian Railways has started certain special trains to facilitate the comfort of the devotees. The Shravani Mela special trains will run between Patna-Asansol, Gaya-Jasidih, Raxaul-Bhagalpur, Danapur-Sahibganj, and Gorakhpur-Deoghar for the convenience of pilgrims. 

According to Virendra Singh, chief public relations officer for East Central Railways, the decision was made in response to the need to assist the Kanwariyas in travelling vast distances without experiencing any difficulties. The Shravani Mela will take place in Dumka, the temple town of Deoghar, Jharkhand, this year.

Asansol-Patna Shravani Mela Special Train

The Asansol-Patna Shravani Mela special train, with the number 03511, will run from July 3 to August 30. It will operate on Monday and Wednesday each week for two days. At 4:50 PM, the train will leave Asansol and arrive in Patna at 11:55 PM. From July 4 to August 21, a special train for the Patna-Asansol Shravani Mela will run. It will operate on Tuesday and Thursday each week. At 1:15 AM, the train will leave Patna and arrive in Asansol at 8:30 AM the same day.

Gaya and Jasidih Shravani Special Train

The Gaya-Jasidih Shravani Mela Special Train will run from July 5 to August 31. The train will depart Gaya at 8:55 p.m., arrive in Patna at 11:55 p.m., and go to Jasidih at 5:45 a.m. the following day. Similar to this, every day at 07:45 AM, train number 03697 departs Jaidih and arrives in Patna at 02:40 PM. It will be operational from July 6 to September 1.

Bhagalpur and Raxaul Special Train

From July 5 to August 31, the Raxaul-Bhagalpur Shravani Special Train, route 05508, will operate. The train will leave Raxaul at 5:15 AM and arrive in Bhagalpur at 2:30 PM. From July 5 to August 31, train number 05507, the Bhagalpur-Raxaul Shravani Mela Special, will depart Bhagalpur every day at 4:30 PM. At 3:15 AM the following day, it will arrive in Raxaul.

Danpur-Sahibaganj Shravani Mela Special Train

The train departs from both Danapur and Sahibganj on July 9 for its tour, which lasts until August 27. The Danapur-Sahibganj-Danapur Intercity Express trains 13236 and 13235 will run according to railroad schedules and stops.

Gorakhpur-Deoghar Shravani Mela Special Train

From July 2 to August 31, the Gorakhpur-Deoghar Special Train (05028) is in service. It will leave Gorakhpur at 8:00 PM and arrive in Deoghar the following day at 12:40 PM. Whereas, from July 3 to September 1, the return train, number 05027, Deoghar-Gorakhpur Unreserved Shravani Mela Special, would leave Deoghar at 6:50 PM every day. The following day at 11:20 AM, it will arrive in Gorakhpur.

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