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Indian Ministry of Steel committed to decarbonise steel sector in India

Ministry of Steel is committed to decarbonising the steel sector in India and various focus areas have been identified by the ministry in this regard.

In the short term (FY 2030), the focus will be on the reduction of carbon emissions in the steel industry through the promotion of energy and resource efficiency, greater use of renewable energy etc. For the medium term (2030-2047), Green Hydrogen based steel making and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage are the focus areas. For the long term (2047-2070), disruptive alternative technological innovations can help achieve the transition to net zero.

The steps taken by the government for promoting decarbonisation in the steel industry include:-

  • 13 Task Forces had been constituted with the engagement of industry, academia, think tanks, S&T bodies, different Ministries and other stakeholders to discuss, deliberate and recommend different levers of decarbonisation of the steel sector.
  • Steel Scrap Recycling Policy, 2019 enhances the availability of domestically generated scrap to reduce the consumption of coal in steel making.
  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced the National Green Hydrogen Mission for green hydrogen production and usage. The steel sector has also been made a stakeholder in the Mission.
  • Motor Vehicles (Registration and Functions of Vehicles Scrapping Facility) Rules September 2021, envisages to increase availability of scrap in the steel sector.
  • National Solar Mission launched by MNRE in January 2010 promotes the use of solar energy and also helps reduce the emission of the steel industry.


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