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India introduces standards for green hydrogen production

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has rolled out standards for green hydrogen production in the country.

In a notification, the ministry defined green hydrogen as hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources, either via electrolysis or biomass conversion. Green energy that has been stored in energy storage systems is also included in the definition. Additionally, the government has mandated that for every kilogramme of hydrogen produced, carbon emissions must not exceed two kilogrammes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

In the case of production through electrolysis, “the non-biogenic greenhouse gas emissions arising from water treatment, electrolysis, gas purification and drying and compression of hydrogen shall not be greater than 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilogram of hydrogen (kg CO2 eq/kg Hydrogen), taken as an average over last 12-month period,” it said.

It further stated that the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy shall specify a precise methodology for measuring, reporting, monitoring, onsite verification, and certification of green hydrogen and its derivatives.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency will serve as the central authority for the accreditation of organisations for projects involving the production of green hydrogen.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission, which aims to produce 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen yearly and transform India into a hub for green hydrogen production, was authorised by the Union cabinet earlier this year.

The government has also developed incentive programmes to promote the creation of electrolyzers and green hydrogen. According to a notification from June, out of the $17,490 allotted for the Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition Programme, $13,050 would be used to encourage the generation of green hydrogen, and the remaining $4,440 would be used to produce electrolyzers.

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