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Hyderabad-Delhi Rail Connectivity Enhanced with Multi-Tracking Expansion

HYDERABAD: The ambitious multi-tracking project proposed on the Golden Quadrilateral network is ready to enter in a new era of connectivity, significantly benefiting rail passengers traveling between Telangana and key northern states such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi via Kazipet.

Indian Railways has taken a decision to embark on multi-tracking seven of the nation’s busiest rail routes, including the critical Delhi-Chennai route, which passes through the state of Telangana. These projects will encompass the addition of a triple line, electrification, construction of rail bridges and comprehensive station improvements. Furthermore, the speed of trains operating on these routes will receive a substantial boost. The multi-tracking endeavor for the Delhi-Chennai route is set to encompass the erstwhile districts of Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam, and Adilabad.

According to railway officials, an average of more than 10,000 passengers embarks on their journey from the Twin Cities to Delhi daily. Presently, six trains depart from Hyderabad for Delhi, including well-known services like the Telangana Express, Rajdhani Express, Dakshin Express, Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express, Nizamuddin Express, and AP Sampark Kranti Express. In addition to these, 8 more trains from Vijayawada, via Khammam and Kazipet, are bound for Delhi.

A senior railway official emphasized the significance of this project, stating “The Delhi-Chennai route is one of the busiest rail networks on the Indian rail map. As of now, this route has a double lane in the Telangana rail network, and once the multi-tracking is completed, we can have a triple line. Subsequently, more trains can be introduced from the South-Central Railway (SCR) zone to northern parts, and we can also increase train speeds.”

The move holds great potential for passengers and traders who have long awaited more trains between Hyderabad and Delhi. Frequently, travelers find themselves grappling with lengthy waiting lists, and general coaches are often overcrowded. Suryadev Upadhyay, a frequent rail passenger in Secunderabad, spoke about the challenges faced by travelers, saying, “I regularly travel to Delhi as part of my business. However, each time I try to book a ticket, there will be a long waiting list, and my confirmation has been declined many times. There have been no new trains from Hyderabad to Delhi for many years. We are waiting for more trains so that rail connectivity improves between the two cities.”

Presently, trains operate at a maximum speed of 110 kmph and, in some sections, at 130 kmph. The double-line route through Telangana experiences heavy traffic, making it challenging for railways to introduce new train services.

In a parallel development, plans for a semi-high-speed rail corridor between Secunderabad and Nagpur, which is part of the Delhi-Chennai Grand Trunk rail route are under consideration. This project is likely to be incorporated into the mega multi-tracking of seven high-density routes, with the primary aim of improving traffic flow and increasing train speeds.


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