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Gujarat CM Leads Inspection of Motera-Gandhinagar Metro Rail Phase-2 Operations

GUJARAT (Metro Rail & Steel): Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel took charge of a comprehensive inspection aimed at evaluating the progress of the pivotal 6.5 km stretch of the C-2 project within the ongoing Metro Rail Phase-2 route from Motera to Gandhinagar. This phase holds immense significance in augmenting the state’s transportation infrastructure, focusing primarily on bolstering connectivity between Motera and Gandhinagar. 

The Metro Rail Phase-2 initiative stands as a cornerstone in shaping Gujarat’s modern and interconnected urban landscape, underscoring the state’s commitment to robust transportation infrastructure. 

Accompanied by Chief Advisor Hasmukh Adhia, Chairman of Metro Rail Corporation SS Rathore, and several senior secretaries, CM Patel meticulously scrutinized various facets of the railway route and stations currently in development. The inspection spanned from Bhaijipura to Ch-2, concentrating on critical areas such as Dholakuwa, Randesan, Gift City, and other strategic locations along the route. 

In addition to assessing Metro Rail developments, CM Patel extended his oversight to the construction work in progress on the Visat to Narmada to Koba Circle road. Engaging with project stakeholders, the Chief Minister gleaned valuable technical insights into the ongoing construction activities, underlining the state’s dedication to infrastructural excellence. 

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