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DMRC Launches Surprise Checks After Viral Videos Expose Delhi Metro Misconduct

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail & Steel): In response to a string of contentious videos circulating within Delhi Metro premises, Vikas Kumar, the chief of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), has publicly appealed for restraint. Highlighting the recent surge in viral content depicting objectionable activities, Kumar stressed the need for individuals to refrain from engaging in such behaviors.

In a discussion with PTI, Kumar underscored the implementation of surprise checks by designated squads as part of DMRC’s efforts to combat these incidents. Despite the challenges in ensuring constant security coverage across the extensive metro network, the corporation remains steadfast in its commitment to minimize objectionable activities. The misuse of the metro space for seeking online attention and fame has been exemplified by incidents of riders dancing to popular music inside train coaches or on platforms, often recorded and shared on social media platforms. Additionally, instances of intimate moments captured and circulated have sparked debates on the balance between public decency and individual freedom.

Vikas Kumar, the Managing Director, emphasized that while it’s impractical to have security personnel omnipresent, surprise checks by squads are conducted to maintain order. He urged passengers to report incidents to authorities, emphasizing the collective responsibility of citizens in fostering a safe commuting environment. Addressing concerns regarding the impact on the Delhi Metro’s brand image due to these controversial videos, Kumar acknowledged the occasional criticisms. However, he reassured that the metro’s reputation for excellence remains intact, and the corporation is diligently working to discipline individuals and discourage such activities.

The DMRC has initiated awareness campaigns through social media and outdoor publicity, aiming to educate commuters about prohibited activities. Posters displayed at metro stations convey messages urging riders to avoid actions that may inconvenience fellow passengers. Despite existing norms, the trend of controversial videos in the Delhi Metro continues.

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