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Delhi Metro Launches Pilot Project Introducing Audio-Based Ads on Six Trains

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail & Steel): In a move aimed at diversifying revenue sources, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced plans to introduce audio-based advertisements as a year-long pilot project on six trains running between Kashmere Gate and Badarpur Border on the Violet Line. A senior official from DMRC highlighted, “This initiative will provide valuable insights. Depending on the feedback received during this trial phase, the DMRC intends to extend this revenue-generating strategy to other metro lines in the future.” 

Citing the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the official emphasized that the resumption of metro services occurred in phases, coupled with several restrictions. Consequently, the DMRC is exploring various avenues to bolster non-ticketing revenues to ensure the seamless operation of metro services. The proposal for audio advertisements was put forth by Pindrop Metro Tech Pvt. Ltd., a specialized advertising solutions firm. However, the announcement hasn’t been universally embraced by commuters. 

Expressing concern, Saksham Agarwal, a regular commuter on the Violet Line, stated, “The current travel experience, especially during my 40-minute commute from Chhatarpur to ITO, remains bearable due to the absence of continuous loud announcements. Minimal auditory interruptions help in making the journey hassle-free.” 

Similarly, Disha Sen voiced apprehension, noting, “For many of us who utilize metro travel for nearly an hour, the inclusion of audio advertisements might disrupt the peaceful environment. A significant number of commuters engage in reading during their journey, and constant ads might impede this experience.” The introduction of audio-based ads on the Delhi Metro’s Violet Line raises contrasting opinions among regular commuters, emphasizing the delicate balance between revenue generation and passenger comfort that the DMRC must navigate. 

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