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Delhi Metro: DMRC to aware passengers of CO2 emissions reduction due to Metro travel

Delhi Metro passengers will now be able to know on the go about the average amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions they are reducing by virtue of their metro journeys, the DMRC said on Wednesday. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has unveiled a pioneering initiative called ‘CarbonLite Metro Travel’ to educate passengers about their significant contribution towards reducing carbon emissions by choosing metro trains instead of road-based motor vehicles, it said in a statement.

Supported by comprehensive research conducted by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Delhi, the initiative underscores that each kilometre travelled by metro train instead of road vehicles “results in a noteworthy reduction of 32.38 grams of CO2 emissions”, it added.

“In line with India’s aim of achieving net zero emissions by 2070, the initiative intends to highlight the pivotal role each citizen plays in addressing the pressing issue of climate change through their transportation choices,” the DMRC said.

Statistics related to CO2 emissions reduced due to metro travel will be “prominently displayed” on both paper and mobile QR code-based tickets, ensuring widespread awareness of the positive impact of sustainable public transport, officials said. The feature will be available on QR code-based tickets from Thursday onwards, officials said.

Through this initiative, passengers will now be informed about the average amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions they save during their metro journeys in comparison to road-based motor vehicles.

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