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Delhi Metro: DMRC records highest-ever count of daily passengers on August 28

According to the DMRC, on August 28 the Delhi Metro witnessed 68.16 lakh daily passenger rides, which is a record high for the time period before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The previous highest recorded passenger journey count stood at 66,18,717 on February 10, 2020, just before the pandemic disrupted travel patterns and routines, officials said.

Officials stated that ridership surges on Raksha Bandhan, but this time it happened a few days earlier than usual, and that the record numbers had been logged days before the celebration.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has achieved a “historic milestone” by registering an “unprecedented” 68.16 lakh passenger journeys on Monday, “marking the highest-ever” daily passenger journeys recorded before or after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the corporation said in a statement.

“This remarkable milestone, achieved yesterday, comes after a period of challenges and reflects the resilience and trust of the Delhi-NCR citizens in the world-class transportation system provided by the DMRC,” it said.

According to officials, this is evidence of the dedication of the Delhi Metro’s workers, the support of the citizens of Delhi-NCR, and the dedication to offering secure, effective, and environmentally friendly transit services.

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