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Delhi Metro Commuters Experience Delays on Pink and Blue Lines

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail & Steel): New Delhi witnessed disruptions in the services of Delhi Metro’s Blue Line and Pink Line on Thursday morning, causing delays in the usual schedule of metro trains. Despite the noticeable delays experienced by commuters, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has not released any official statement addressing the issue. Commuters relying on the metro to reach their workplaces encountered delays ranging from 15 to 20 minutes, leading to an inconvenience in their daily commute. The trains on the affected lines ran behind their standard timetables, contributing to the congestion as passengers faced a fully crowded metro due to the service disruptions.

On the Pink Line, a notification was issued by the metro authorities, indicating a delay with a message displayed at the stations stating, ‘Station Hold-There will be a short delay to this service, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.’ However, despite the notification on the Pink Line, no formal communication or explanation has been provided by DMRC regarding the cause or extent of the delays experienced by commuters on both the Blue and Pink Lines.

The halt in the regular flow of metro services during the morning rush hour led to significant inconveniences for office-goers and other passengers, underscoring the dependence of the city’s populace on the reliable and timely functioning of Delhi Metro services. As of now, commuters are awaiting further information or updates from DMRC regarding the reasons behind the disruptions and any expected resolutions to ensure smoother travel experiences in the upcoming metro services.

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