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CMRL Commences Transition to Common Mobility Cards, Phases Out Travel Cards

CHENNAI (Metro Rail & Steel): In a bid to promote the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL) has initiated the replacement of conventional travel cards with the newly introduced NCMCs, named Singara Chennai cards. Officials from the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) have clarified that henceforth, only NCMCs will be issued to commuters, gradually replacing the existing travel cards in a phased manner.

MA Siddique, the Managing Director of CMRL, emphasized the initiative’s objective, stating, “CMRL has commenced the transition from travel cards to NCMCs to promote the latter. Since its launch in April, CMRL has already distributed 81,000 NCMCs to commuters.” Explaining the rationale behind the move, an official highlighted the enhanced versatility of the NCMCs, allowing users to seamlessly employ them for various transactions, thereby offering substantial convenience to passengers across multiple applications.

Expressing his experience, a commuter recounted his visit to Thirumangalam Metro station, where he intended to acquire a new travel card but was instead encouraged to opt for the NCMC. The shift from conventional travel cards to NCMCs aims to revolutionize the commuting experience for Chennai’s metro riders, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for diverse transactions.

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